Not a bug

Can not open .php from OneDrive

Kane 8 years ago in iPhone updated by Alexander Blach (Developer) 8 years ago 2

I was all excited when I saw OneDrive as option from which to open files. However after tapping Open and navigating through the OneDrive directory, and selecting the file, the app just returns to the main screen and the file never appears anywhere

Not sure what version I had, but deleted the app and redownloaded (which cost me $10 this go around), and can confirm the latest version has the same issue

Not a bug

Hello, the "Open…" command invokes the iOS document picker. When you select OneDrive from the list of file providers, the UI you see is actually provided by Microsoft's OneDrive app, not by Textastic. It seems like the OneDrive file provider extension doesn't know how to handle .php files.

So I'm sorry, but this problem can only be fixed by the OneDrive app.