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Bottom symbol menu disappears occasionally after upgrade to iOS 10

sng 8 years ago in iPhone updated 8 years ago 3

after upgrading to iOS 10, occasionally the menu of symbols at the bottom of the screen disappears (the menu for connecting to a remote site, file properties etc). It reappears if you close and relaunch the app

Under review

Thanks for letting me know!

On which iPhone model does this happen? Did you see any pattern when this happens? Which buttons exactly (below the file list? below the editor? below the "Local Files"/"iCloud" selection?)

I use the app myself every day and haven't notice this so far, so any additional info helps.

Also, which version of the app do you use?

Thanks for the quick reply! It is iOS10 on an iPhone 6 Plus. These are the buttons below the file/folder list. I have not had iOS10 long enough to see a pattern. It is difficult because it happens only occasionally, so it may be a while before someone else reports, plus it is just a nuisance since you can solve it by restarting the app

This is Textastic version 5.3.1. Have not purchased 6.