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Bug: select window in split view expands into full pane

Fed Reggiardo 8 years ago in iPad updated by Alexander Blach (Developer) 8 years ago 4

When I push a selector in the split view, the text window expands to fill the entire view.

Normally my site looks like this:

Image 145

But if I tap the same selector in split view I get this: ...and there is no way to undo without leaving split view.

Image 146

Under review

You should be able to drag down the the web view, so that the toolbar re-appears. Does this not work in your case?

Ah, ok. So the problem is that the popover gets transformed into a full-screen view controller...

I'll have to investigate if this is fixable. Do you have a small sample website that you can share with me so I can reproduce it easily?

no, only exiting split view fixes it. Not a big deal; just thought you might want to know.

The site I was working on is when I noticed the glitch is here:

Code: https://github.com/Fedreg/Web-Audio-API-Synth

Live site: https://fedreg.github.io/Web-Audio-API-Synth/

Does that help?

Thanks for the quick reply! Really enjoying your app