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Upgrade from 5 to 6 not porting settings and local files

boydrjones 8 years ago in iPad updated by Alexander Blach (Developer) 8 years ago 7

Just upgraded from V5 to V6 and assumed that my V5 settings and files would automatically port to the new V6. However, they did not. Is there something I'm missing? Running Textastic on iPad version 9.3.2

Under review

If you have the latest version of Textastic 5 (5.3.1) installed on the device and then download and open Textastic 6, it should access the same files and settings as Textastic 5.

Looks like I'm upgrading from 5.1.1. Don't see a 5.3.1 upgrade available anymore. Anything I can do to remedy

You should be able to download Textastic 5.3.1 from the App Store on your iPad. If it's not in the Updates tab, try to look at the "Purchased" tab in the App Store.

It's probably best to do it this way:

- delete Textastic 6 from your iPad (this deletes all files that you might have stored in Textastic 6)

- download Textastic 5.3.1 from the App Store

- launch Textastic 5.3.1 once

- download Textastic 6 again from the App Store

- launch Textastic 6 -> your files should be there

If this worked, it is now save to delete Textastic 5.3.1 (this is the app with the shadow at the bottom of the icon).

Deleting Textastic 6 is not strictly necessary, but this should be the safest way.

Checked the App Store and nothing in "Updates". The app is in the "Purchased" section, however, the only option from there is to open the app. No download or update available.

That's weird. You could try to download Texastic 5.3.1 from iTunes on a computer and sync that to your device. See https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT201272 for details on where to find that in iTunes.

5.1.1 is a pretty old version. I'm wondering why this wasn't updated earlier?

I have only recently upgraded to OS9. Was not able to update Textastic under the old OS due to compatibility issues. Therefore, I was never prompted. I'm guessing that by the time I upgraded to OS9 only Textastic 6 was available. Also, I have never synced my iPad to my desktop. I have no need to. So I guess I'm SOL. Wish I would have known about the 5.3.1 requirement before I paid for and downloaded 6.

I see. I thought that in this case the latest version would appear as an update in the App Store, but apparently this is not the case.

Well, what you can try to do is to go to Local Files in Textastic 5, tap on the Edit button, select all files and tap on the "Zip" button. You can then tap and hold the created .zip file and choose "Open in…" to copy it to Textastic 6 (as seen here: http://www.textasticapp.com/v6/manual/lessons/How_can_I_view_an_image_file_or_open_a_file_in_another_app.html). There you can unzip the .zip file by tapping on it.

This won't migrate the remote connections though.