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Transformations like Textmate

Нездешний 8 years ago in iPhone updated 8 years ago 4

Does Textastic supports transformations?

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Textastic does support transformations in snippets, but I don't know if that this is what you are referring to.

See https://github.com/blach/Textastic-Customization#templates

Have a look at the TextMate manual entry on snippets for an overview of the snippet syntax. Textastic supports tab stops, placeholders, mirrors and transformations.

If this is not what you mean: Can you give me more details? What do these transformations do?

i mean "transformations" for code compltion, something like this {"string": "scale2", "append": "(${1:0.5}${1/(.+)/(?1:, )/}${2:0.5});"},

Yes, for code completion, Textastic supports snippets including tab stops, placeholders, mirrors and transformations as described at http://manual.macromates.com/en/snippets

This is my testing sample:

"string": "${3:test}",
"append": "${1:sample}: ${1/.*/\\u/g}"
The idea is to make the value entered in the first line uppercase, but it just returns the cursor to beginning of line

Can you provide a working sample for "transformations"?