Undo whole word or tag

Vitaly Ishkulov 12 years ago updated by Alexander Blach (Developer) 12 years ago 1
When you type and then press Undo it removes every single letter. Sometimes it's way too slow.
Could you make Undo to remove whole word or tag or variable? So it removes everything you typed up to the space or special character.

e.g. I typed 
<div style="font-family:Aria
—> tap Undo
<div style="font-family:
—> tap Undo
<div style="font-

And so on.
I agree with this. I think a simple bunching together of [A-Za-z] characters would speed up the undo functionality quite a bit: It does not need to be as sophisticated as other IDEs have it, what's important now is to get the efficiency a little better.