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Files get swapped/overwritten!

Rui Carmo 11 years ago in iPad updated by Alexander Blach (Developer) 11 years ago 5

I'm having a REALLY weird bug that is spoiling my morning... 

I have these two files:

- test.html

- js/waterbug.js

I've done this a dozen times now, and whenever I:

1) edit the JS file

2) navigate up the tree back to the HTML file and hit preview,

upon hitting "done" and returning to the editor the HTML file is overwritten with the contents of the JS file.

If I'm editing the JS file, when I return to it just after preview it gets overwritten with the contents of the HTML file.

It's really weird and unsettling, plus I've lost a bunch of changes already - even though the JS file is saved on my SFTP server, the HTML file wasn't...

I've tried to do what you wrote about ten times now. It didn't happen on my device.

Which iPad model and iOS version are you using?

Does it happen every time?

Nearly every time. iPad 3, iOS 6.1.3. index.html was local (until I lost it irretrievably), js/waterbug.js was fetched from an SFTP server.

waterbug.js overrides the local console (which is the only weird thing it does)

I also had the WebDAV server running for a bit (which is the only other thing that might access files)

Could you send me the files to support@textasticapp.com? Can you currently reproduce it with a different index.html file?

I don't know if it's too much to ask, but since I can't seem to reproduce it so far, it would help immensely if I could see how exactly you are using the app when it happens. So, if you happen to have a video/screen recording of the bug, that would be great.

Update: I've been trying to reproduce this unsuccessfully. Will let you know if it happens again (now I have both files stored on the server, just in case)