HTML 5 and CSS 3

Kévin Pitolin 11 years ago in iPad updated by Alice Bevan-McGregor 11 years ago 3

Are you planning to implement CSS3 and HTML 5 in Textastic ?

 Thanks for this app thought, it's a must-have. But with this, it would be greater.

Textastic supports syntax definitions from standard TextMate bundles, thus it already "supports" HTML5 and CSS3.

Thanks for answering.

I'm feeling like a fool, sorry for that useless question . Actually  I tried that code  : 

body {

 color: blue;

 font-family: Times ;

 font-size: 16;


@media handheld and (orientation : portrait){


color: red;

font-family: Times;

font-size: 15;



Then I thought it didn't support CSS3. 

But then I replaced handheld by all and it works. In fact the iPad is not considered as a mobile device in the preview.