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Bug report: cursor position is wrong when using bluetooth keyboard

Kenta Kubo 10 years ago in iPad updated by anonymous 10 years ago 6
First, I switched an input method from Japanese to English(US), and moved a cursor.
After that, the first character that I typed was inserted in the position that I switched an input method in.
Later characters were inserted in correct positions.

Thank you for reading my poor English.

thanks for your bug report. Unfortunately, I can't reproduce it on my device.

Can you maybe create a small video that demonstrates the issue? Does it still happen on iOS 7.1 which was published today?
Thank you.

I updated iOS today, but nothing changed.
It also happens on some text editor apps.
Here is a video.
Ah, ok, I see. Thanks for the video, I'll try to fix the issue.
I checked new version.
The bug didn't happen when I tried operations like on my video once.

However, if the operations are repeated, it still happen.

Thank you for improving.
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I can't seem to reproduce it anymore even when repeating operations, sorry.

Are you doing the same as shown in your video, but just several times or are you doing something differently?
I repeated following operations.
1. Type Japanese
2. Press return key (If not, the bug don't happen.)
3. Press command and space to switch an input method
4. Move the cursor
5. Type something

I think they are same as shown in my video.