Warn when 'Download Latest' overwrites the current version

Dmitri Zaitsev 11 years ago updated by Alexander Blach (Developer) 11 years ago 5

I love using your App but today I discovered something dangerous. The tab "Dowload Latest" is just below "Upload This File". So when I accidentally tapped on it, all my recent changes were suddenly gone without a warning! Also the Undo arrow was disabled, so all of it was lost permanently  :(

Is it perhaps possible to make the following:

1. If I tap on "Dowload Latest", ask for Confirmation - very important!

2. Allow Undo in case my document is accidentally overwritten from Dowload Latest?

3. Maybe not place "Download Latest" so close to "Upload This File?

Warning on "Download Latest" is actually the default behavior. Maybe you disabled the warning? You can re-enable the warning on the bottom of the settings screen.

Oh yeah! Indeed :)  

But I don't think it was default. Never got to scroll that far as it only looked like text setting, so never thought there was something useful down there!

In any case, thanks for the quick answer, really appreciate!

Well, the alert has three buttons: Yes, No, Always - if you press "Always", the warning won't come up again and it will be disabled in settings.

I see, it is possible that I accidentally clicked on "Always". 

Maybe renaming it into "Always overwrite" would make people more careful, as it is sort of "high-risk" choice. If I accidentally press it and next time get all my work lost, this can be a serious damper! So maybe open another confirmation window clearly explaining the risk when the user clicks on "Always".

The every time popping menu is sort of annoying so I can understand why I may have disabled it but then I had to pay for the risk.

From the usability point of view, I found it more friendly how Twitter app deals with 'unfollow' - you get the tab "Unfollow" again in red and it is right next to it. But what is most important, you can just click away to get rid of it, whereas the pop-up in the middle of the screen is intrusive and forces you make a choice.

Also possibly adding standard download icon to the text with arrow down for download and arrow up for upload could help.

What ideally I would love is if you don't have to press those buttons at all! Just like whenever I connect my computer, the dropbox makes the latest version overwrite the former.  

This is not meant to be critics but suggestions how to improve the app that I love.

Thanks for your suggestions. I'll think about it.