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Disable using gesture to zoom in/out

Yuhao Zhang (Zzyzxd) 9 years ago in iPad updated by Alexander Blach (Developer) 9 years ago 1

I am very new to Textastic. I love it that it makes coding a lot easier on the go. However I really need to find a way to disable the zoom in/out feature.

In general, on my iPad I use four/five fingers spread/pinch gestures to switch between apps. I will always need to check webpages and documents while coding. So every time I switch to another app from Textastic, the gesture first enlarge the code field, and then activate the app switcher. And when I got back to Testastic, I need to adjust the text size first before continuing coding.

This is very annoy since I will never need to enlarge the text. Is it possible to add an option to disable this feature?

Another little advice is, could you make the PDF viewer remember the last location and jump to the location when reopen the file?

Thank you very much.