crash on new ipad

晋威 黄 12 years ago in iPad updated 12 years ago 8

don't know why it always crash on new ipad, ver 5.1.

textastic version is the latest ipad version v4.0.2.


the latest version on the App Store actually is Textastic 4.1. Can you please send me the crash report? See http://feedback.textasticapp.com/topic/48133-how-do-i-send-crash-reports/

I have seen two similar App Store reviews from people with Chinese user names. So, I assume that it has something to do with Chinese settings.

Can you please tell me which language and keyboard settings in the iOS settings you choose? A screenshot of both might help, as I can't read Chinese.

You could also try to switch to another language like English and tell me if this fixes the crash.

ok, i will do that. may be that's why it works on ipad1 but crash on new ipad.

i will send you the crash report as soon as i came home. 

yes i'm from china, i will try your soluction as soon as i came home

Did you have a chance to try it out yet? 

i found baidu pinyin input cause this problem.

cydia source:  mi.baidu.com

when i uninstall it, your programme runs correctly.

I see - thanks for this information.

You uninstall the baidu cydia source? Or directly uninstall Baidu input method?

uninstall Baidu input method.