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How do I run python, c, cpp, etc.

Aodhagan Leach 10 years ago in iPad updated by anonymous 6 years ago 2
I want to run my programs in c, c++, python, etc.
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Textastic offers syntax highlighting for many languages including C, C++, and Python, but it doesn't include compilers or interpreters due to restrictions of iOS.
You will notice that all apps that support running code - like Kodiak, Codea and Pythonista for example - do not have file download capabilities. So, if I wanted to add the ability to run code in Textastic, I'd have to remove FTP, "Open In", WebDAV, Dropbox and all other means of sharing files with other apps.
These are the relevant points in the App Store review guidelines:
2.7 Apps that download code in any way or form will be rejected
2.8 Apps that install or launch other executable code will be rejected
That's a limitation that is imposed by Apple, sorry.


though the answer to the question of running Python code has been answered, I was wondering whether there is a way, via Textastic, that another application could be used to facilitate the desired outcome.

I have come across one application that has an interpreter and console, which enables some testing of scripts, but it does have limitations to the importation and development of graphical user interfaces. As I am new to computer technologies and Python in particular, I would appreciate a little help with this matter. Thanks