viewing documents on Textastic? and a question about coding Markdown

Beth Chaplin 11 years ago in iPad updated by Alexander Blach (Developer) 11 years ago 4
Hi there -

Please help me in my ignorance; I've just discovered Markdown, but I am having trouble finding an iOS editor that implements it very well.  I believe Textastic supports MultiMarkdown.
1. Does it also support some html tags in a Markdown document, such as the following syntax for internal links in a document:




2. And is this a good app for VIEWING Markdown documents? That would be its main function, for me, though the ability to code on the iPad is nice to have.

Yes, you can write and preview Markdown with internal links like this. But, I just tried it out and  following those links in the internal preview doesn't seem to work. So, it's displayed correctly, but tapping on a link doesn't jump to the link target in the current version. I added it to my todo list and hope I can fix this in a future update.

Textastic does syntax highlighting of Markdown files. If you tap on the "eye" button, the Markdown is converted to HTML and displayed in an internal browser. So yes, it's also a good Markdown viewer.

Thanks so much for the prompt response!

I installed Textastic on my iPad, and the links actually DID work for me in preview mode! Very nice app, too -- I can tell already I am going to like it. 

Ok, great! Maybe I used a different syntax in my own experiments.