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csv files and delimiters

Chris S 9 years ago in iPad updated 9 years ago 2
I typically use a delimiter other than commas when working with csv - makes life easier so I don't have to close everything is quotes. Well I've got a question about whether the app, when using the markup preview, recognizes the command "sep=" or not. Two files one where the command seems to be followed and the other where it obviously isn't. (Note: both files are UTF-8 with CSV syntax)
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Actually, the preview functionality is meant for HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Markdown files, so it's pure luck that it displays something meaningful for CSV files.

Internally, Textastic uses a regular UIWebView, which is basically the same WebKit engine that is used by Mobile Safari. It looks like WebKit does interpret the CSV file and displays it as a table. Unfortunately I don't know what exactly it supports, but from the screenshots it looks like it ignores the "sep=" option and instead tries to interpret the file on its own.
Thank you for your timely reply and help in being able to wrap my head around the whole process.

Keep the great stuff coming!