Sort options for file listings

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In the file lists (both locally on iPad and on remote servers) provide options for sorting by Date Modified, Size, and File Extension, both Ascending and Descending.

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added my vote, date modified would be very useful for me too

I also would love a custom sort order (for ordering documents according to content/meaning not just technical file characteristics)

Agree. It's easier to sync up with remote server if I can get which file was last modified

Allow sort order for list of Connections. As of now, it appears to display only in the order in which they were created.

Sort by date modified is the most useful sort option!
This is my #1 most needed feature. Can't vote it up enough. In folders with dozens or hundreds of files, it's a huge inconvenience to scroll through the list trying to find all of the recently changed files to download/upload.

+1 to see this option. As all files send to Textastic via the share extension can dumped in one folder, it would make it a lot easier finding the most recent files if we could sort by date

absolutely needed. Cannot believe we can not change sort order. I can not find my most recend edits. Any workaround????

FFS Sorting is broken. I’m using Textastic to write a novel and I have the chapters named starting with a two-digit hexadecimal number. This keeps the sorting correct... except in GTK and now Textastic 8. 

I went to find 7F.SanFrancisco.md and eventually found it hidden between 06.NewHaven.md and 08.NewYork.md, not after 75.SanJose.md and before 80.Metroberg.md!  It’s not doing an ASCII/UTF-8 sort!

I nearly had a heart attack!  Before the update it sorted by name correctly.  Now I get this mess where zeros in a prefix doesn’t matter (and I bet the points are made up too).


Textastic 8 now uses the same file name sorting as Finder. Here is a screenshot of Finder on macOS 10.14:

"06" is interpreted as the number 6, "7F" as 7, "08" as 8, "75" as 75. 

Textastic uses the API NSString.localizedStandardCompare. From the docs:

Compares strings as sorted by the Finder. This method should be used whenever file names or other strings are presented in lists and tables where Finder-like sorting is appropriate. The exact sorting behavior of this method is different under different locales and may be changed in future releases. This method uses the current locale.

The big advantage is that files like this now sort correctly:

file 8

file 9

file 10

file 11

Previously "file 10" and "file 11" would be shown before "file 8".

I'm sorry that this messes up your naming scheme. As a workaround, you can either add a number like "1" as a prefix to all file names or not mix numbers and letters in your naming scheme to get the correct sorting.

Here is another part of the docs with more details:

Numbers within strings are compared using numeric value, that is, Name2.txt< Name7.txt < Name25.txt.
Numeric comparison only applies to the numerals in the string, not other characters that would have meaning in a numeric representation such as a negative sign, a comma, or a decimal point.

Great. It’s an Apple bug.  I just love API’s as a programmer. 

Renumbering will be difficult (ie making it more confusing to editors).

Can we get the option to sort by name “literally” (a la previous versions) or name “localized” (via NSString.localizedStandardCompare)?