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Code completion broken in iOS 6

Jon Edlund 12 years ago in iPhone updated by Alexander Blach (Developer) 12 years ago 6
After recent update that made Textastic iOS 6 compatible, the code completion is broken for every syntax definition.

It works just fine for me. I opened the "GettingStarted.textastic" file (which is a Markdown file), entered "<" and a list of html tags popped up.

Display Recorder hasn't been updated for iOS 6 yet, so the screencast will have to wait. I do however know of one programming language that doesn't work with code completion, C#

I have tried to get if, for, foreach, etc to work, but they have to be typed in manually.

There is no code completion support yet for C#. I fixed a bug in the latest version that showed C functions and code completions in C# files which was wrong.

Fair enough, could you tell me which languages are supposed to have code completion, because CSS doesn't even work anymore?

You can find the latest code completion files at https://github.com/blach/Textastic-Customization/tree/master/CodeCompletion

These are supported at the moment: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, C, Objective-C

For CSS, code completion of properties like "border" or "background-color" should work.

Thanks Alexander,

I saw that and now I know for certain.  Have a nice day.