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Can't make FTP connection, and WebDEV connection doesn't work as expected

Deborahs 9 years ago in iPad updated by Deborah Schmidt 9 years ago 5
I setup an FTP connection using an IP address to a server a I have in my office. I know this works because I have a other workstations/laptops connecting just fine. This is a development server. I can also connect from my IPAD using Safari. I just can not connect through Textastic. There is nothing fancy - no username/password, no ssl, port 21, passive mode. The logs show nothing but can not connect to IPADDRESS.

When set to WebDAV - the server appears to work, except it will not show PHP files live - just the code. It does show the HTML files live. I tried to upload files to the clould and they ended up local. Even though it said they were being copied to the cloud.

Do you have more detail documentation somewhere? Or some fixes that address these issues. I just purchased this software.

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Can you send me a screenshot of your FTP connection settings? Make sure that you only put the IP address in the "Host" field - do no't include "ftp://" or a trailing slash.

You can find detailed information in the manual at http://www.textasticapp.com/v5/manual/lessons/How_do_I_connect_to_an_FTP__FTPS_or_SFTP_server.html
My apologies if I sound cocky - but, i'm not a beginner to network and internet communications. I was a hardware engineer for many years. There are not many options available through this package.

I did review the manual to see if there was something different than the standard communication protocols. No, I did not include FTP, HTTP or HTTPS in the configuration. I tried both Passive options. I'll send a screen shot later this evening.
Thanks for the speedy response!
It's a common mistake to include more than just the host name or ip address, so that's why I mentioned it. It's easy to add a trailing slash when you are copying it from an URL for example, so that happens quite often. No offense meant.
Regarding WebDAV: you can upload files using WebDAV to your webserver. In the preview screen of Textastic you can switch to "Remote" and enter a remote URL that is served by your webserver. Textastic itself does not run PHP code locally.
I'm soooo sorry, I wasn't offended at all!!!! I just didn't want you to wasn't your time on training/beginner issues.
Using an IP Address so no trailing slashes. Still need to get you screenshot. Working long hours on other web project and had haven't had chance. Be nice to work on IPAD for some it :-)