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Mark edited files and allow batch upload (of such files)

Jason Jacques 13 years ago updated by Max 5 years ago 4
It would be great if the app noted files which have been changed (locally) since download (i.e. linked files only), highlighting them (and their containing folder) in some way, and had a "Upload all changes" button, to recursively upload files from the current folder marked as changed.

This would allow the developer to push changes up either on a file-by-file basis, without remembering specifically which files changed, or simply push all changes made in a bandwidth efficient way.
Sounds like a really good idea!
I'd also like to be able to get an indication of which filled on the remote side have changed since download. Then I would like to be able to batch (re)download files with new changes or batch upload files I've changed in Textastic..

N.B. I'm using SFTP connections to the remote machine.


I’d love for this feature as well— working with large projects is very cumbersome without something like this.