Auto suggest box no longer has focus on iOS 7 - Very annoying

Maurice Zoliker 10 years ago in iPad updated by Alexander Blach (Developer) 10 years ago 4
When typing the beginning of a snippet, a box with multiple matching snippets names appears when typing on my Logitech BT keyboard.
On iPad Mini iOS 6.1.3, the first suggestion was selected automatically, allowing to navigate suggestions with up and down arrows. It was very useful!
On iPad Mini Retina iOS 7.0.3, the first suggestion is no longer selected, this is very annoying because you need to leave the keyboard and tap on screen.

Could you please revert to the previous behaviour? Or correct this change that came with the new iOS?

Thanks a lot!
Version 5.0
Satisfaction mark by Maurice Zoliker 10 years ago
Yes, Apple changed how external keyboards are handled in iOS 7, so this is no longer working.

They also added new keyboard APIs, so I'm going to use these to re-introduce this feature in an jupdate.
Thank you Alexander, this issue has been fixed in the just-released Textastic v5.
Just another related improvement: is there any reason why up and down arrows do not autorepeat (when keeping them pressed on the external keyboard) in the suggestion box?
I think it would be better to activate autorepeat. Maybe for the next update? :-)
Thanks again!
Unfortunately that's a limitation of iOS. The new iOS 7 keyboard shortcut API doesn't autorepeat pressed keys.
Ok, too bad... But autorepeat works fine in the main text editing window.
This regression of external keyboard API seems a bit weird.