Allow "view in" browsers other than Safari

fjpoblam 11 years ago in iPad updated by Albo P. Fossa 3 years ago 3

Thanks for a great app. It's worth noting, I'm no longer maintaining my websites via laptop, but rather *just* on my iPad, thanks to this app! (I just get out my laptop to download updates and keep copies in sync.)

I've read all the suggestions here, and think I'm not posting duplicates. I'll post three. This is one.

I have Chrome, Opera Mini, Onion, and Dolphin browsers on my iPad. It'd be very handy to be able to "preview" a source file in any of these browsers, for testing purposes.

I'm not sure how this could work. The browsers can't view files in other apps due to sandboxing. You can upload the file to a HTTP server and then open the url in any of those browsers.

Perhaps this could be done via "Open in..." — heck, maybe it already can! I've been so lazy, I haven't even tried. It was just an idle thought,  ecause I can perform a similar operation using BBEdit on my laptop... Oh, well.

(Years later). It might be hard to do. I guess I’m not familiar with how sandboxing would limit things. I have Opera, Firefox, Edge, and Brave apps resident on my iOS/iPadOS devices (in addition to, of course, the Safari app). I have no problem displaying the FTPed copy of my pages in each. But when I select the three dots, upper right, in Textastic, the only browser for which preview is offered is Safari. This is unlike MacOS whereon, in BBEdit, I may elect a preview in any resident browser app.