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Keyboard top row ghosting ios8

Brian Rink 10 years ago in iPad updated 10 years ago 2
When keyboard is together then the top row expanded keys is superimposed on the top row of regular keyboard. When splitting keyboard then expanded keys do not display. 

There is also some odd behavior with keyboard color. Sometimes black and sometimes white. 

I had had installed and removed a third party keyboard in ios8. I can't test what would happen if no third party keyboard was never installed. 

Ios8 on iPad
Under review
iOS 8 still has some keyboard bugs - especially when using the split keyboard on iPad.

Another user reported a workaround:

1. Merge the keyboard and put it back at the bottom.
2. Kill Textastic from the task switcher.
3. Restart Textastic.

Please let me know if that helps.
Thanks for the tip. That does resolve the issue. And then it keeps working in both portrait and landscape.