Open Multiple (Just Two) Files Simultaneously

Steven Lu 12 years ago 0
This would be only really practical on an iPad3/new iPad because only it has such a high resolution, but being able to open two files side by side would open up lots of great productivity possibilities for this text editor.

I often need to compare two files to see if they are really the same version or not and even without actual diff functionality, two text fields can be scanned through on an iPad really quickly.

There is also the situation where we must read one part of code (whether in the same file or a different file) while we are writing another part of the code. One pitfall of iOS is the inability to open the same app multiple times: I could attempt to use the task switch 4-finger gesture to switch between two apps in order to be able to quickly view another part of my code but that is hugely cumbersome.

This would be a really cool addition that i hope will one day make it into this already fantastic App.

I'd like to point out, Mr. Blach, that as with any feedback site for software this forum has too many people making rude unconstructive comments. I'd like to emphasize that your hard work is appreciated by me and I am sure many others as well. Keep up the good work!