Natural Cursor Positioning, Like a Trackpad

Casey Anderson 8 years ago in iPad updated by David Millar 6 years ago 1

This app is great except cursor positioning is painfully unrealistic for great productivity. It's because we are dealing with code where the cursor needs to be moved constantly and at precise locations.

The Codea app has MASTERED THIS. They simply provide two new keyboard keys in the center of the top row. You tap and hold the key, then move your finger and the cursor moves in parallel. It feels so natural as if I am using the trackpad on my MacBook Pro. One button is for regular movement and the other selects text. Productivity will improve 4 fold with this. I would use Codea instead but it's not a general purpose editor.

Image 137

Screenshot of the Codea app.

It’s not super prefect, but I’ve found that the two-finger touch cursor manipulation added in iOS 9 or 10 seems to do the trick.