Kieran Maher 11 years ago in iPad updated by Alexander Blach (Developer) 11 years ago 1

Hi, I just wanna say that this app is awesome! I've just got into coding and the ease of writing CSS and HTML is amazing, but I was wondering, if I can somehow one day learn to code in say, C++, is there a way for me to view the programme in the app itself, or do I need to switch to a desk top? (I don't actually have a desktop, so it could be problematic:( ) but still, amazing app!

Hello, Textastic offers syntax highlighting for many languages including C++, but it doesn't include compilers or interpreters due to restrictions of iOS.

In order to compile and run code, you could transfer the source code file to a computer using an SFTP connection and use an SSH console app like iSSH or Prompt to compile it on the remote machine.