Can you add a link so the flies can open in the iPad Safari app?

jase coverdale 10 years ago in iPad updated by Alexander Blach (Developer) 10 years ago 5
When I select open with I would like the option of opening in safari.  When I am writing code with jquery-ui eg a drag and drop file it won't work when I try to test it from the app, if I upload via Dropbox and open the file in a web browser it works fine.  But that defeats the object of using the app!  
Sorry, but that's not possible due to sandboxing. Safari cannot open local files. You would need to upload the files to a server and enter the URL in Safari.

That's why Textastic has the local web preview feature.
I see, thanks for your quick reply.  I have had good experience with the app so this little quirk won't put me off.  Is there a reason why the jquery-ui won't work i.e. The drag and drop? 
Can you maybe send me an example project to support@textasticapp.com so I can try to reproduce the issue?
Thanks for the sample code.

The problem is that jQuery UI is designed for desktop computers and not touch UIs.
Please have a look at this Stackoverflow discussion: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/3026915/how-ca...

"jQuery UI Touch Punch" at https://github.com/furf/jquery-ui-touch-punch seems to be the solution.

It worked as expected after I downloaded the file https://github.com/furf/jquery-ui-touch-punch/blo... and added this line to the HTML file:

<script src="jquery.ui.touch-punch.min.js"></script>