Notification Center Bug

Adam Vandenbussche 12 years ago updated by Fexxel 12 years ago 4
When using password lock, I opened notifications Center and saw that I was sent back to the password prompt screen. I logged back in, and tried again, and sure enough, I was locked ou!

Any Ideas?
You probably set your password to require password immediatly, right?
Opening the NotificationCenter tells the app that's entering a background mode, simply like multitasking to another App. For iOS there is no difference in there. As a result the password is asked for immediatly, because you "left" the app and you were using the notification center. If you don't like this behavior, you can set your require password time to "after 1 Minute". There is not much to change for, the developer cause iOS isn't telling the app specifically what the user did, just that he's not focusing on your app anymore.
Thanks, Fexxel. I was going to write more or less the same :)
Thank you for clarifying that so quickly. If you haven't noticed, I'm quite the n00b...

PS Yes, my password was set to immediately.
If you aren't a full time iOS Developer there is no need to know this specific behavior. It addition that Apple is changing them from time to time with iOS updates...