Crash after downloading folders/files

Keith Rowland 12 years ago updated 12 years ago 5

Today was my first time using Texttastic. When using SFTP to download  folders of multiple items, say 3 folders of 125 files, the app would appear to do the download, but then hang, was unresponsive and eventually crashed.

I see that this was a problem many months ago. Was this fixed, is it back, is it just me.

This should be fixed. Are you using the latest version? (4.1) 

Just bought it from app store today.

I'll have a look at the crash logs you sent.

According to the crash logs, the problem was that the app failed to resume in time.

Did you leave the app while it was downloading the files?

No, I watched it do the downloading, then when they were all displayed on the left side, the app was non-responsive. I then went to HOME. Back into T rght away, the main screen appeared, with no files or connections shown, then crashed.