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OK, it crashed agaiin, and this time I was going nice and slow, no fast scrolling or deleting, just doing some light copying and pasting between applications (Safari and Textastic) using multitaskingg (double clicks of the Home button on the iPad). I will try again to find a crash report. I have both a MacBook Pro and an HP running Windows XP, and frankly I'm not sure which system would have it but I'll check both. I did update to version 4.0.2 of Textastic as you suggested, so that's what I was using when this happened today.
Thanks very much Alexander and Fexxel for your comments--I really appreciate the prompt response. The file is a .asp page, 50Kb, 1110 lines, nothing fancy. I was definitely moving fast as I had a deadline today (made it!) so maybe I just overwhelmed the poor thing. I'm using a 64GB iPad 2 with a Bluetooth keyboard. My experience was like Fexxel's, with crashes but no crash report. Besides not liking to scroll really fast, it didn't like deleting multiple lines a character at a time by holding down the delete key. I was also using multitasking quite a bit though I couldn't tell if that was a factor. So can anything be done to help Textastic keep up with speedy fingers? Thanks again for your help, and for a great product.
PS - apologies for all the typos - going a little too fast I guess