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Exactly that. Tab to accept top-most, tap to select other suggestion.

When I first tried Textastic 4 code completion yesterday, I pressed Tab and was somehow waiting that it woulfdwork that way.. Tab is used for completion on Terminal, so it could work from the usability point of view, that is..

Tha nk you for your attention.
Amazing work on this release, btw!
Pressing Tab would be the same as touching the top-most suggestion on the list.

If the keyboard have arrow keys then one could navigate up and down to select other suggestions. But most of the time the top-most suggestion is the one we want..
You would only accept the suggestion by pressing Tab so there is nothing to ignore since no suggestion is accepted by default.
You woul need to escape a certain suggestion if it was assumed/accepted by default. As I'm putting it you would have to press Tab to assume it.

Everything would stay exactly as now except the fact that , in addintion to "touch suggestion to accept", you would be able to press Tab to have the highlighted suggestion accepted. No need to escape suggestion as there is no need as it is working now on v4.0.

Sorry for being a little confusing.. :p
I was just about to make a related/similar request:

Auto select/highlight the first completion suggestion on the list (the most relevant);
Use arrow key (when available or textastic's software version) to navigate up&down;
Use selected suggestion by pressing TAB ( pressing the space bar or other key whould continue imput as normal) .

No need to have ESC key for this to work, or am I missing something ?
Start typing, auto completion list pops up and continually updates to show (& highlight) the most relevant suggestion on top as you type new chars;
If the most relevant suggestion is the one you want press TAB. If not, use keys to navigate or continue typing as usual..

Is this possible? I think it could be usable this way, what do you think?
Awesome! :D
Can't wait! Code completion and firebug integration will streamline the workflow on my side.
I will make that suggestion to the dev.
Thank you again! Sincerely.
Thank you for so promptly take the time, especially on a Sunday, to have a look into this.
Consider it fixed! :)
But, btw and a little off topic, could this custom schema (preview://) be the cause I my unccessful tries at loading firebug lite? Just cossed my mind..
Thank you for your support!
I'm using Bootstrap from twitter and it works in Koder, and any webkitview app I've tested, but fails on my favorite editor (Textastic).
Please try it with the Bootstrap files:
Or using the h5bp initializer with bootstrap, for fast checking:

I would love to see it working, I can compile it to css on the iPad ( with nodejs and Prompt) but live previewing quick changes is essential.
I would love to see this fixed.
Unfortunately it is a Textastic limitation, since it works just fine with Koder and with iFile webview.