Your comments

Ok, you've been really patient and helpful. I must be doing something wrong or have strange characters. Thanks a lot , and I love the app.
I am really happy to see that you got back to me so quickly, that's really great. It shows why this is such a great app. That's too bad you don't see the problem I do. I've found that apple's app Pages won't recognise two spaces as one word at the beginning of a line also, so I think it's an apple thing but to clarify just in case.

When I search for just a single space it finds it.
When I search for two spaces at the beginning of a line it finds nothing. I've tried with entire word option on and off.

Here's an example of what I'm talking about:
If i have a line like this
  var num = 1;

When I search for
it finds nothing

If I search for a single space it finds each space.
This is all at the beginning of a line.

I don't think I can currently replace space,dog to space,cat - can you?

I really hope you see the same thing I do or have a solution for me, or else I'm in for a lot of repetitive formatting. Thank you again for getting back to me so quickly.