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Great. It’s an Apple bug.  I just love API’s as a programmer. 

Renumbering will be difficult (ie making it more confusing to editors).

Can we get the option to sort by name “literally” (a la previous versions) or name “localized” (via NSString.localizedStandardCompare)?  

FFS Sorting is broken. I’m using Textastic to write a novel and I have the chapters named starting with a two-digit hexadecimal number. This keeps the sorting correct... except in GTK and now Textastic 8. 

I went to find and eventually found it hidden between and, not after and before!  It’s not doing an ASCII/UTF-8 sort!

I nearly had a heart attack!  Before the update it sorted by name correctly.  Now I get this mess where zeros in a prefix doesn’t matter (and I bet the points are made up too).