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Maybe a "Text Options" menu in the two finger tap popup?
Your welcome. Maybe if you run it through a web page with the code, select it (on a computer) and hit copy, paste it into a .txt file, put it on your iPad, and cut and paste.
Wow, this forum edited out most of my stuff. Go here for instructions:
If you are working with HTML, here's a fix: Wrap the text you want to change in a tag, and give it an id attribute. In your CSS, make a new rule like so: #theIdOfTheSpanHere { text-transform: uppercase; /* Change to lowercase if thats what you want. */ } Ta-Da! If you are working in a different document type (like C(++)) than why not let Alex Blach handle it?
That'll be SO handy! Thx!
The bug also works in JavaScript.
I just got the update 10 minutes ago, and I have no idea how I lived without these features! Great app!
It would also be nice to be able to change the colors for the code highlighting.
Have you tried TextExpander? I know it's only a temp solution, but support is built in.