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strangely, I cannot add votes to the counter, so I leave a comment. This feature is extremely important when editing or writing text.
One option is to just move cursor 1 position left/right by tapping on screen left/right. this works even better than dedicated keys.
for some reason, I cannot add my vote to the counter. So please add 10 votes from me for this feature.
I am using certain text strings as placeholders in documents I have to work with. Right now, the app does highlight the these within the document which is excellent. But first I would have to find the documents I have to work with. Typically there are 50-100 in one folder. Such a fuction as suggested would be quite useful.
added my vote, date modified would be very useful for me too

I also would love a custom sort order (for ordering documents according to content/meaning not just technical file characteristics)