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The built in Dropbox support had felt clunkier than using iOS’s file manager, so I had been using iOS’s instead.

However your method works exactly how I need it to, so thank you! Love the app!

Interesting... I think I found the cause. 

When opening Dropbox from the textastic iOS file browser, I cannot see the “preview in safari” option, but if I open a file that’s locally downloaded in textastic, I can actually see the option. 

I really need this to work in the iOS file browser because it saves the files live to Dropbox, and I edit on two computers as well as my iPad.

Here is a screen recording showing this:


It appears that embed videos do not remain after being posted. Here is a link:

Hi there! I have the latest iPad Pro as well as iOS 11.2.6

Here is “open in” : Note one icon to the right and then “add more”

And when I try to add one:

No safari

Sounds just like what I need, but Safari doesn’t appear up there. Also not available if I try to add it. I was able to add chrome which just says “chrome cannot handle this link”. The safari option is only available on my phone