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Fantastic! I have come to really rely on this program. I do quite a bit of coding on the road and I hate going back to the Laptop. Freedom!

I will send you a video I just made.

Any word on this ? It still crashes every time I try to execute copy and past function. None of my other text editor apps are exhibiting this problem. I also upgraded to IOS 11.0.1 and it exhibits the same behavior.

Selecting the same amount of text in the notes app has no issues. It selects right away

I had it send you a crash report.

I just tried with the tap and it still hung up.

Using command A on the keyboard. I see now that it is not listed among the commands. It has worked before with IOS 10

One other thing that I failed to mention is that I am using the Keyboard to select all.

The font is Menlo 15pt  and the theme is Eiffel and I am using the dark keyboard setting. Which theme are you using to test it? I will set mine to that and see if it makes a difference. Thanks!

Sure thing. Its on the way