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At this moment you try MagicPython with custom tmBundle.

Great news, can wait for new betas or release!

Will Textastic for iOS supports new syntax highlighter?

Four different, two Yandex and two

Here another one.

After matching the scope at the cursor, white keyboard appears over the dark one

This is my testing sample:

"string": "${3:test}",
"append": "${1:sample}: ${1/.*/\\u/g}"
The idea is to make the value entered in the first line uppercase, but it just returns the cursor to beginning of line

Can you provide a working sample for "transformations"?

i mean "transformations" for code compltion, something like this {"string": "scale2", "append": "(${1:0.5}${1/(.+)/(?1:, )/}${2:0.5});"},