Python type hints not supported

Bachsau 6 years ago updated 6 years ago 8

Python 3 supports so called function annotations / type hints. However, Textastic's synthax highlighting seems to not support it.

The synthax is ´def function(var1: str) -> int:´, which results in wrong highlighting the following docstring.


Hello, Textastic currently supports TextMate 1 syntax definitions which are quite dated. I'm currently working on a new syntax highlighter that can use Sublime Text 3 syntax definitions. That will allow me to use the latest syntax definitions with support for the latest language features - like the ones for Python.

Will Textastic for iOS supports new syntax highlighter?

Great news, can wait for new betas or release!

At this moment you try MagicPython with custom tmBundle.

Unfortunately there have been no updates to Textastic for Mac since January 2017. Are you still working on it or have an ETA?


Just yesterday I successfully used the new syntax highlighter for the first time to highlight complex Python code with the latest Sublime Text 3 Python syntax definition. It's coming along nicely.

But you are not going to share these improvements with us during the current decade?