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Extremely excited for this update. Thanks for all your hard work, Mr. Blach. Everything you do helps to make my life much easier!
My two cents here as well. I would love to even be able to turn this on for certain filetypes; thus, I can customize it to where Python will do 4-space soft tabs when the tab key is hit, and HTML will still insert a hard tab.
My vote here is for git so I can check out my code via GitHub. My team at work uses SVN but I can't see myself doing my work stuff on my iPad (seeing as it's C#, too)… but my Python code on GitHub pines to be edited with Textastic without having to be put in Dropbox. Thanks a million times over for this increasingly useful app, too!

(Perhaps a way to offset some of the cost of such a large addition to Textastic is to offer various VCS plugins as in-app purchases, for say $0.99 USD each. That way people can get just what they need, and the developer gets some extra revenue out of it. I'm sure I would gladly pay $4.99 for such a plugin, but I have a feeling the masses wouldn't take too kindly to such a price.)