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 I modified some lines and then I saved, this time, I had to tal the save button thrice for it to upload
Here is what the log did.
== Info: We are completely uploaded and fine
== Info: Remembering we are in dir "public_html/"
<= Recv header, 0000000050 bytes (0x00000032)
0000: 226-58 files used (0%) - authorized: 10000 files
<= Recv header, 0000000051 bytes (0x00000033)
0000: 226-626 Kbytes used (0%) - authorized: 1536000 Kb
<= Recv header, 0000000035 bytes (0x00000023)
0000: 226-File successfully transferred
<= Recv header, 0000000060 bytes (0x0000003c)
0000: 226 0.323 seconds (measured here), 16.71 Kbytes per second
== Info: Connection #0 to host left intact
i think that's it, I dunno if the stuff before are helpful
Actually, I've noticed that it isn't only when I have my keyboard up, the window freezes with the "getting information from files"