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Consider a back button. Click once to go to the previous most recent file. Press and hold for a list. Just a suggestion.
I previously commented on this item but I want to reiterate because this item is still tagged "Under Review". This is the most significant feature that is missing from Textastic which really impedes my productivity as I format or move code around my files. I really hope the status will change to "Planned" or "In Progress". Thanks!
The move list presents too many items - because I have many libs and archived projects. Please reimplement this move list as a sliding columnar browser.
I'm really glad that this was implemented in 2.0. However I'd also prefer that I could drag down across line numbers to select multiple lines. When I m coding, I typically copy and paste lines of code much more than individual tokens.
I voted this up as well. Being able to block indent and block unindent is probably more important than any other feedback item relating to indentation.