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OK, thank you for your quick answer. I think I was dreaming :-)
Another, possibly related, weird behaviour, try this:
- Tap with 2 fingers to make the wheel appear
- Upload current file (tapping in the top right corner)
- A dialog box appears, while the file is being uploaded
- When it is finished... the wheel has disappeared!

I think the wheel should still be there :-).
Probably. Alt-I gives a "î".
Yes, all other shortcuts work fine. Quitting and restarting the app does not help.
I am using a French keyboard (AZERTY).
Thanks for your help.
Ok, too bad... But autorepeat works fine in the main text editing window.
This regression of external keyboard API seems a bit weird.
Thank you Alexander, this issue has been fixed in the just-released Textastic v5.
Just another related improvement: is there any reason why up and down arrows do not autorepeat (when keeping them pressed on the external keyboard) in the suggestion box?
I think it would be better to activate autorepeat. Maybe for the next update? :-)
Thanks again!