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PS: I think SVG ang XHTML with mixed namespaces should have priority for every web dev. app... as these are part of current web standard...

...also I am currently developing huge web app based on SVG, so it is very important for me ;-)

PPS: I still thinking about GOODREADER, which renders everything with no problem... SVG, HTML...

And...thanks for your great work!
Unfortunately, I do not know Apple API, so I can't help :-(

I have 1 idea: What if you create wrapper of some kind for problematic files? (there is also problem with .XHTM, .XHTML...)

For example empty page with <iframe> of 100% size? ;-)
PS: at begin... preview button for .SVG files is hidden?! ...when user manually changes file type to XML, preview is possible... but incorrect.
PPS: And what about XHTML, this will work in 2.0 too?

I thinking about XML mixed namespaces, which for example allow authors to comfortably insert inline vectors to HTML docs...
Hello Alexander,

these are VERY good news :) thank you very much... I'm developing huge project based on SVG graphic and feature is very important for me.

I am looking forward for 2.0... 5star in iTunes, sure ;-)

good job!!!

PS: special SVG syntax is not too much needed, I have deep experience with SVG and XML syntax coloring works absolutely fine for me...