Local Preview for SVG + XHTML

Martin 13 years ago updated by Alexander Blach (Developer) 13 years ago 5
Great editor, but... please allow LOCAL preview and syntax highlighting for new web standards like SVG and XHTML. Both of them are simple XML... and rendered in every modern browser inclusive Safari... thanks for correction in advance, it should be very easy
Version 2.0
If it doesn't work for you in Textastic 1.1 then it's probably the same issue as with php files: see http://feedback.textasticapp.com/feedback/8060-web-preview-of-php-files-doesnt-interpret-html-part/ – I've fixed this in Textastic 2.0 which is currently in review at Apple.

I'll add the svg extension to the XML syntax definition for a future version.
Oh, and you can select XML syntax highlighting for SVG files by manually choosing it in the "File Information" popover for now.
Hello Alexander,

these are VERY good news :) thank you very much... I'm developing huge project based on SVG graphic and feature is very important for me.

I am looking forward for 2.0... 5star in iTunes, sure ;-)

good job!!!

PS: special SVG syntax is not too much needed, I have deep experience with SVG and XML syntax coloring works absolutely fine for me...
PPS: And what about XHTML, this will work in 2.0 too?

I thinking about XML mixed namespaces, which for example allow authors to comfortably insert inline vectors to HTML docs...
What's not working with XHTML for you? Just the preview (this should work in Textastic 2.0) or do you have problems with the syntax highlighting?

The "HTML" syntax highlighting definition should work for XHTML as well.

If you have problems with a particular file, please send the file to support (at) textasticapp.com so I can reproduce it.