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This is great news! Working Copy looks like the git solution we've been waiting for.
I agree. This is literally the only reason I jailbreak. Please bump this feature up. Add it as an in-app purchase to recoup the cost. I'll gladly buy the feature to have git and svn support.

I would still love integrated git support, but since I applied the jailbreak and can use git from a terminal session I have been able to use Textastic with git for all my projects. Jailbreak really isn't that hard for all you techies and having git support is completely worth it.

That's great for github , but only a portion of my work using git is hosted on github. Many of my customers maintain their own git repositories. So a library that is not github-specific would be more helpful. That said, even this would be a good step forward.

I finally bought Textastic this past week because I have some projects that just use FTP instead of SVN or GIT. I am blown away by how great Textastic is. The extra keyboard row brings me close to the productivity of my desktop computer and with practice could match it. So just want to say I'm LOVING textastic and can't wait to be able to use it with my git projects. If you add git support to the baseline app that's wonderful, but I'd also pay for it as an in-app purchase.

+1 for git, +1 for SVN. I use both depending on the client. For my development workflow one or the other is required. I pretty well have to have version control to do anything as 90+% of my work is with teams so a DropBox or SFTP mechanism is not that helpful.

Currently I just use iRepoEditor with my SVN clients (terrible text editor, but it works in an emergency) and nothing on the iPad with my git contracts (although is looking interesting for an entirely web-based solution).