Your comments

You got it man! And no need to apologize. Your app is great and your response and service is greatly appreciated. Keep up the good work.
I was editing a .php file when it happened, but I did set the text wrap to greater than 9999 before that. I am more than happy to help debug if you need more testers.
I am running the most recent version of your app and iOS ( 4.2.1 build 8C148). I soft restarted and cold restarted with no change. It loads the default loading screen that the app has and then dies when it goes to start. I uninstalled it and reinstalled it (which removes all app data) and now it works fine. Who knows. I am using it in conjunction with FTP On the Go Pro, but shouldn't be an issue if I am launching it from the SB.
I can no longer get the app to load without crashing and I changed the wrap value to 10000. Not sure if that is why it won't launch, but it is similar to this ticket's issue.