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wrap column 9999 crashes the app on startup

Spanmo Medz 13 years ago updated by Alexander Blach (Developer) 13 years ago 8
when i enter the value of 9999 for wrap column (because i want to disable wrapping) the app won't start again after i quit it.
its reproducable. but i dont know at which value it starts to crash.
I could not reproduce this in my tests. Does this happen with a special file or with all files?
I was editing a .php file when it happened, but I did set the text wrap to greater than 9999 before that. I am more than happy to help debug if you need more testers.
I can no longer get the app to load without crashing and I changed the wrap value to 10000. Not sure if that is why it won't launch, but it is similar to this ticket's issue.
Which iOS version are you running? I can't reproduce it on 4.2.
Did you try to restart the device?
I am running the most recent version of your app and iOS ( 4.2.1 build 8C148). I soft restarted and cold restarted with no change. It loads the default loading screen that the app has and then dies when it goes to start. I uninstalled it and reinstalled it (which removes all app data) and now it works fine. Who knows. I am using it in conjunction with FTP On the Go Pro, but shouldn't be an issue if I am launching it from the SB.
Thanks for the detailed information. I'm sorry that you had to go through the trouble of reinstalling the app.
You got it man! And no need to apologize. Your app is great and your response and service is greatly appreciated. Keep up the good work.
Although I can't reproduce it, I've limited this setting to a maximum value of 1000 for the next version.