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MultiMarkdown File Transclusion

Dany Gauthier 4 years ago in iPad updated 2 years ago 2

In Textastic manual, I saw that Textastic uses MultiMarkdown library for previewing Markdown.

When looking at the MultiMarkdown syntax guide, there is something called "Transclusion":


Unfortunately, when I use Textastic for iOS, I am unable to make transclusion work.

I do not know which MultiMarkdown version is used by Textastic, but I do know that feature exists since at least version 4:


I would really like file transclusion to work. For example, I would set all my links inside one file, and reference it from my other files. Or, I would put reusable content in some files and reference them from other files. Or I would create one file per chapter and reference all chapters from a main markdown file. etc. etc.

Is file transclusion something that have been tought about? Is it something that can be enabled?

Under review

Hello, currently, Textastic does not support file transclusion. 

I'll consider adding it in a future update.

Hi. I have been using Textastic for a long time now, for my personal Wikis and it is very fantastic. I really like it. However, I still would be very happy to see that transclusion feature be released. It would so much useful for what I do with Textastic. I would gladly pay for such a feature if the demand is not high enough. Thank you! Keep up the good work!