go to line number

Hineynu 10 years ago updated by Tim Hartwig 10 years ago 1 1 duplicate
Would be good to add a Go To Line Number feature. When the user clicks Command+G (or Control+G ?) a dialog pops up with a text box to enter a line number into. Pressing the Enter key or button would then put the cursor at the beginning of the requested line. Or rather than pop up a dialog window it might be better to turn the line number in the window in the upper right corner (where the Line and Column number are) into a small text box to enter the line number to go to. Tapping on the line number in the upper right corner window would also bring up this feature.

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We plan to do code reviews on our iPads by using Textastic. Talking and discussing about code with more than 5 developers at the same time is a hard challenge. You can imagine. Jumping directly to a specific line within the code would help a lot to save time.