Change cursor color

Paul van Hemmen 11 years ago updated 11 years ago 4
Although asked already for the iOS Version of Textastic, it seems that it's not possible to change the cursor color of a theme just by editing the "selection" HEX Color Value in the theme's xml (in my case its Obsidian.tmTheme). Either the values are somehow cached by Textastic or the value has no influence on the cursor color.

Am I wrong or is it just not possible to change the cursor color by now?
if the theme contains a "caret" color, this is used instead of the "selection" color. So it should work if you change the "caret" color of the theme.
Hi Alex,

thanx for your fast reply. Unfortunately Textastic seems to ignore the caret settings, too. Here's the theme I'm trying to alter:


Any ideas what I could be missing?
I found the problem: when Textastic sees a setting dictionary that doesn't contain a name and scope, this is considered to be the global theme settings dictionary that defines things as the selection and caret color.

In line 368 ( https://github.com/mekwall/obsidian-color-scheme/b...) there is an empty dictionary. So Textastic ignored the real settings dictionary and used the empty settings dictionary from line 368 instead.

Remove lines 368 and 369 from the theme file and it works!
That did the trick. Thank you for your investigation!